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Scott Argiro and his band The Naked Citizen's jangling yet muscular sound recalls the Gin Blossoms' taking on the '60s...

-The Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Solo artist Scott Argiro crafts loud, guitar-heavy Power Pop with inexhaustible energy. Do you require the occasional guitar solo before you are satisfied? Scott Argiro delivers.

Glass Apple of London, Middlesex, The United Kingdom calls Scott Argiro's work "very catchy work with soaring melody."

-Glass Apple of The United Kingdom

Val Brkich of Local Evolution calls Scott Argiro "a refreshingly unique band that's as cool as original sound built on a foundation of smooth riffs, classic rhythms, and mature vocals."

-Local Evolution

Argiro displays a penchant for travel the finest Dylan tradition, Argiro uses such references as allegories for the journey of self discovery.

-Beaver County Times